The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ provide a PC-like experience with the mobility and convenience of a smartphone. TELUS offers these devices, and many others, along with affordable user plans for all your business and entertainment needs. The incredible power, display, and functionality of the Note 10 series offer users an unrivaled experience for both work and play. Aside from all the amazing features that are built into the phone for user productivity and business operations, there are also a wide variety of useful apps to download that can increase output for daily tasks and assignments.

Android Productivity Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 10+

Trying to find the best business apps for daily tasks, or the right combination of apps to maximize efficiency and performance, can be overwhelming with the huge and daunting selection to choose from. There are apps for all users, including business owners, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between.

Some productivity apps with various functions that can help improve organization and results of daily work tasks, can include:

  • TickTick
  • Last Pass
  • Push bullet
  • Forest
  • Google Suite


A lot of people benefit greatly from making to-do lists to organize priorities, stay on task, and help ensure everything that needs to get done in a day is completed. TickTick is an intuitive, easy to use app that does just that. It can help you make daily task lists to make sure nothing is forgotten, deadlines are met, and goals are achieved. This app offers users an array of excellent features that can help reduce the stress of a busy schedule.

Some great organizational features TickTick has to offer, include:

  • Easy to set notifications and task reminders
  • Customizable themes and subject areas
  • Itemized checklists
  • Adaptable, easy to manage agendas
  • Mark important data with tags
  • Arrange daily or weekly reminders for recurring tasks or events
  • Calendar organization

Last Pass

Almost everyone these days has a large collection of usernames and passwords to login to various sites they use on a regular basis. This app is not only great for improving and managing productivity, but also for enhancing the security of login credentials. Last Pass stores and organizes all your different login credentials for you, to save time and confusion.

This app is extremely useful for creating more complex passwords to beef up security, without the worry of having to remember them. Easily login quickly and securely with this helpful app. The authenticate feature can also be added to two step security procedures.

Push Bullet

Seamless integration between your laptop and mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or 10+ device can really help improve productivity and task efficiency. Instead of continually alternating between the two for information and functionality, Push Bullet can help bridge the gap between the two devices for user convenience and practicality.

Push Bullet offers many features to help consolidate:

  • Files and data
  • Links and web pages to be shared with coworkers or customers
  • Text messages
  • Get phone calls on either device with VoIP technology
  • Important notifications and updates
  • Instant messaging platforms


This is a fun and interesting app that helps you stay on task while avoiding distractions that decrease productivity. While it is an app to be downloaded on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 10+ devices, the whole point of the app is to keep you away from the numerous distractions on your phone.

The way is works is, you are trying to build a forest through concentrating on the task you are trying to accomplish. So, when you have a job to get done, you plant a tree. The less you look at distractions on your phone, the more the tree grows. The more focused you are on your work, the more impressive your growing forest becomes.

Google Suite

The google suite is one of the best productivity packages available for download to help users accomplish a variety of tasks.

Google Drive acts as your productivity base, to keep track of all the various assignments that you are currently working on, as well as the ones you have completed in the past. Google Docs is an excellent word document creator, which is perfect for group collaboration as all updates are visible in real time to all users that have access to the document. Documents created in Google Sheets convert seamlessly to MS word. For spreadsheet and data list development, Google Sheets offer the same real time editing feature, and converts perfectly to MS Excel. These extremely useful apps all integrate smoothly with your google account and Gmail.

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