More businesses are continually turning towards GPS tracking to effectively monitor and manage their fleet of vehicles and other valuable assets. The effective and comprehensive tracking system available with TELUS Fleet Complete offers business owners, managers, and even employees peace of mind and improved organization. In some cases, drivers may be a bit hesitant about having their vehicles tracked with GPS due to privacy concerns. However the system is beneficial to the drivers as well as it enhances safety and takes the guess work out of choosing the most efficient route.

What Business Advantages does GPS Tracking Offer?

The benefits are numerous and extensive when it comes to monitoring your fleet of vehicles and assets with TELUS Fleet Complete. Some compelling reasons to implement GPS tracking are:

  • Beneficial to drivers and dispatchers
  • Beneficial to owners and managers
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Enhanced safety

Beneficial to Drivers and Dispatchers

Fleet Complete GPS tracking is not just advantageous to owners, but also employees at all levels. Drivers may complain that they feel like big brother is spying on them, but the monitoring of vehicles is to their benefit as well. For one, there is no longer a need to manually keep track of working hours as that data is automatically time tracked. This negates concerns about not getting paid for hours they may have forgotten to log. GPS tracking also makes work easier for drivers with live mapping, smart alerts, and automated reporting.

These features are a big help to dispatchers as well, as the GPS system automatically maps out the most efficient route, taking into account road works and other traffic impediments. It also allows dispatchers to access vehicle locations, status, and driver availability in real time.

Beneficial to Owners and Managers

The obvious advantage for owners is the capability to keep a close eye on all their valuable assets, 24 hours a day. This helps prevent theft, loss, and unauthorized use. GPS tracking also reports the operational status of vehicles to ensure regularly scheduled maintenance is not neglected and persisting issues are not ignored. Routine maintenance can provide huge cost savings in the long run, avoiding expensive repairs and premature need for replacements.

Fleet Complete is capable of tracking more than just vehicles as well. A tracking device can be fitted on just about valuable asset to keep items from going missing. This is useful for heavy equipment, shipping containers, and other cargo.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of GPS tracking is the tremendous cost savings it can offer, by eradicating unnecessary expenses and improving the bottom line.

Reduced Operating Costs

Cutting costs is the name of the game for a successful business, and GPS tracking can help achieve that in a variety of ways. Regular operation and maintenance of vehicles can be very costly and time consuming if not properly organized. Businesses responsible for a fleet of vehicles can benefit greatly from TELUS Fleet Complete services to help reduce expenses and premature wear and tear.

One of the best cost cutting features of GPS tracking is the ability to monitor driving behaviors to eliminate dangerous and unnecessary bad habits. Some driving habits that can inflate your operating costs immensely are:

  • Speeding – increases fuel consumption, considerably elevating fuel costs
  • Excessive idling is also a huge waste of fuel
  • Fast acceleration is hard on gas and engine
  • Abrupt stops are dangerous and hard on brakes
  • Sharp turns are hazardous and cause uneven wear on tires

GPS tracking helps monitor all these undesirable behaviors to enhance driver safety and significantly reduce expenses.

In addition to those cost savings, just having a GPS device installed in your vehicle often results in an automatic discount on monthly insurance premiums.

Enhanced Safety

GPS location tracking ensures you can keep an accurate reading of where your vehicles are at all times. This is very helpful when drivers are out in bad weather conditions. It also helps if an accident occurs to ensure emergency response is immediately on the scene, and may even be able to determine some of the details of the accident for insurance purposes.

Theft and loss prevention is also very helpful in keeping your vehicles safe. Real time monitoring capabilities provide enhanced safety for vehicles and their drivers.

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