What is GPS Tracking?

GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System, is an incredibly useful navigation system that employs the use of satellites which transmit signals to pinpoint the exact location of a particular item.

Vehicles or packages on the move can be tracked in real time with GPS tracking.

How are GPS Tracking systems helpful for business?

GPS tracking systems that have been tailored to vehicle and fleet management have been created and designed with two main goals in mind for business owners:

  1. Saving time
  2. Saving money

Fleet management systems that feature GPS tracking can save businesses time and money in a variety of ways.

GPS Tracking Services for Business Fleet Management

You may know something about the benefits of GPS tracking in vehicles if you have one in your car. The majority of car owners these days have GPS installed for finding the best routes, avoiding bad weather, and avoiding getting lost.

The GPS services for fleet management are even more powerful and comprehensive. Yes, they can help find the best routes for deliveries, but they can also provide an abundance of useful data about vehicle status, performance, and driver behaviors.

Here are some of the main advantages of GPS fleet tracking.

Driver Management

Whether your drivers are conscientious and responsible, or always looking to cut corners and maximize break time, GPS tracking will help shed some light on their habits.

Even the most experienced and meticulous drivers are bound to have formed some bad driving habits.

Data gathered from GPS tracking can disclose those bad tendencies to help correct the issues.

Once drivers know they are being monitored, they are likely to be more careful and follow instruction carefully.

Reduced Fuel Costs

Substantial fuel savings may be one of the greatest advantages of GPS tracking. Most business owners are not even aware of the unnecessarily high fuel costs that result from speeding, abrupt stops and starts, idling, and other ineffective driving practices.

GPS tracking can help eradicate these costly driving behaviors, which huge savings on fuel as the result.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Most insurance companies recognize GPS tracking systems to be effective for fleet management and driver control. As a result, just the installation of GPS tracking in a business vehicle can cut monthly insurance premiums by anywhere from 10 – 30%.

It can also be useful in the case of an accident. GPS tracking can help provide emergency responders with the location of the accident instantly.

The ability to track driver behaviors prior to the accident can also help determine who was at fault when the accident occurred.

Vehicle Status

GPS tracking is also a great way to keep track of vehicle health. It can track each vehicle in your fleet to provide real time location, speed, and direction of travel.

Vehicle diagnostics such as battery voltage, ignition status, door sensors, and engine data can also be reported.

This helps keep regularly scheduled maintenance on track, to avoid costly repairs and component replacements.

Route Planning

For any trip or delivery a company vehicle is going out on, there are many factors that can affect the best route of travel. For example, road conditions, weather, construction, traffic, and other factors can affect route efficiency.

GPS tracking can take all those factors into account and plan a step by step route plan. Alternative paths can be suggested when the initial route has been blocked by accidents or unexpected road works.

Fleet Efficiency

By knowing where vehicles and drivers are at all times, it can help maximize dispatch efficiency. If a new job suddenly comes up, dispatch will have access to information about each driver’s location, assignment details, and how long they have working.

All this contributes to improved fleet efficiency and customer relations.

Customer Service

Increased efficiency is always helpful for better customer service. Not only will more deliveries or jobs get done on a daily basis, each individual job will also cater to the customer’s needs.

The ability to track vehicles and packages in real time cuts down on customer worry and concern about the location and status of their package.

Accurate delivery estimates can be provided, and if problems occur, detailed information is available about the current situation.

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