Businesses from a variety of industries are turning to TELUS Fleet Complete for enhanced business management and communications.

TELUS Fleet Complete is a multi-purpose cloud-based platform that allows business owners to keep track of all employees, vehicles, and other assets in real time.

You will have full, round-the-clock visibility of what your staff is doing, as well as the status of all your company’s valuable equipment.

This kind of convenient organization can easily help you increase profits by minimizing unnecessary expenses and boosting productivity.

The TELUS Fleet Complete products and services are available at a certified TELUS dealer.

TELUS PVCellular

PV Cellular (Pembina Valley Cellular) is an authorized TELUS dealer in Manitoba that is renowned for impeccable customer service.

Beginning as a computer remedies shop in Morden, MB, PV Cellular has partnered with TELUS to expand its business and is now operating out of 3 locations in the province of Manitoba.

You can visit PV Cellular at one of its 3 in-store locations in Morden, Altona, or Winkler, MB or check out the online store.

TELUS PV Cellular Fleet Complete Services

TELUS Fleet Complete is a comprehensive and powerful tool for monitoring and managing mobile business communications and operations.

A few of the most impressive applications of the TELUS Fleet Complete bundle are:

  • Fleet tracker
  • Asset tracker
  • Action tracker

Fleet Tracker

This is one of the most useful components of the Fleet Complete Suite for businesses with multiple company vehicles.

Maintain constant visibility of what is happening with your vehicles and drivers in any location, from virtually anywhere.

Exciting features of the fleet tracker app include:

  • Location Tracking
    • Never wonder about a vehicle’s location or status
    • Keep apprised of:
      • Vehicle speed
      • Geographical location
      • Direction vehicle is traveling
    • Vehicle Status
      • Keeps you posted about vehicle function and condition
        • Fuel economy
        • Required maintenance
        • Battery power
        • Vehicle safety
      • Satellite backup when operating in off-the-grid locations

Asset Tracker

Another incredibly useful aspect of the TELUS Fleet Complete package is the Asset Tracker.

This app is great for not only keeping track of where your assets are, but also of how they are being used. This is ideal for maximizing productivity.

Some of the perks of the Asset Tracker are:

  • Loss and theft prevention
    • If any of your assets go missing, you will be updated immediately
      • The sensor technology issues an instant alert for any unauthorized activity
    • Fuel updates
      • You can set it up so that you receive a notification when fuel reaches a certain level
        • Avoid interruptions in production
      • Long-lasting battery – tracking devices are equipped with a powerful battery that can last up to 3 years on just one charge
      • Settings and Configuration
        • Personalize your settings to optimize results
      • Get regular reports and information about asset utilization to increase efficiency

Action Tracker

The Action Tracker is terrific for monitoring employee data and activity.

Minimize extended breaks and unauthorized personal time with the Action Tracker.

A few key features of the Action Tracker are:

  • Worker availability
    • Always know which staff members are available for jobs in real time to avoid delays and assign the right worker to the task
  • Task allocation
    • Assign tasks directly to workers without having to go through dispatch to see who is available
  • GPS location tracking tells you where your workers are at all times
  • Electronic time cards
    • Records clock-in and clock-out times, and keeps track of breaks
  • Project Management
    • Never miss a deadline
    • Stay on budget
    • Handle unexpected obstacles efficiently

TELUS Fleet Complete Advantages

There are a multitude of benefits to be gained from using TELUS Fleet Complete.

Some of these remarkable advantages include:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Enhanced security
  • Consolidated communication
  • Unified employee records
  • Improved customer service
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