Using anything but a cellular device for telephone communication is outdated and a thing of the past right? Not necessarily. It all depends on your communication needs and daily business practices. A wireless home phone can be incredibly practical in addition to your mobile service for a variety of reasons.

Whether it is strictly for residential use to provide that added feeling of security, or to expand your availability and productivity, a wireless home phone can offer several useful benefits.

TELUS Wireless Home Phone Services

If you are under the impression that having a home phone line was played out a decade ago, you may be surprised to learn about the advancements that have been made in home phone functionality that make a compelling argument for current relevance.

While it may be true that a conventional landline is no longer practical for most people, that is because there is really no flexibility or room to maneuver with traditional landline offerings. Wireless home phone services offered by TELUS though, are a different story.

TELUS wireless home phone services can offer you:

  • Comfort & convenience
  • Portability
  • Cost-effective features

Comfort & Convenience

TELUS wireless home phones can provide users with unparalleled comfort and convenience. Remember when you used to have to wait around all day for a service technician to come and install a landline for you? That is one aspect of home phone services that is definitely outdated.

Installation is extremely simple. In fact, there really is no installation at all. All you have to do is plug in the box and you are ready to roll with your existing phone number.

Having a secure phone line at home can help bring some peace of mind in case of emergency.


Wireless home phones are not just for your home, the hub is easily portable and can be taken with you wherever you go, whether that be the office, a hotel room, the cottage, or anywhere else you need to stay connected and available. Never worry about missing a call, even in areas where your cellular service may be spotty or unavailable.

Cost-Effective Features

You can expect excellent value and plenty of cost-effective features with a TELUS wireless home phone package. And by cost-effective, I mean free.

Some of the free features that will be included in your plan are:

  • Conference audio and video calling for remote meetings
  • Call forwarding to any other number you can also be reached at
  • Call display and call waiting
  • Voicemail 25
  • Unlimited nationwide calling

The abundant features delivered with TELUS wireless home phone plans lead to several benefits for the user. Need more mobility options?

TELUS Mobile Internet

In addition to a wireless home phone, another great way to stay connected wherever you go is through TELUS mobile internet services. High-speed connections are available anywhere you might need them, including in remote temporary locations.

There are several advantages to obtaining TELUS mobile internet services, including:

  • Terrific speeds
  • Team collaboration
  • Versatility
  • Freedom of movement

Terrific Speeds

Experience the best speeds 4G and LTE networks have to offer. Even in remote locations you can get full internet service to keep you on top of all your business needs to handle tasks and communication efficiently and effectively.

Team Collaboration

A huge demand for the majority of businesses these days is finding more productive ways to collaborate on group projects. Mobile internet services can help ensure you are able to easily communicate with your team and contribute content and ideas even when you are traveling or located in a rural area.


Need high speed internet access from multiple devices? No problem. TELUS mobile internet services allow you to connect using a smartphone, tablet, computer, smartTV, phone system, car, digital display, or kiosk. Whatever your preference or requirement, mobile internet services have you covered.

Freedom of Movement

TELUS mobile internet services are particularly useful for setting up temporary offices or satellite locations. Instead of worrying about the quality of the local internet services when you are on the road, you can bring yours with you to ensure a constant high speed connection.

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