When it comes to mobile workforce management needs, TELUS Fleet Complete is the most effective solution in Canada.

Managing a collection of commercial vehicles and assets for your business has never been easier or better organized. In Addition to vehicles and equipment, TELUS Fleet Complete is also ideal for monitoring employee hours and actions.

Optimize the productivity of your business, while minimizing expenses with the help of TELUS Fleet Complete.

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TELUS Fleet Complete for Morden, Winkler and Altona customers

There are several components to the TELUS Fleet Complete package that make it such a thoroughly effective tool for fleet management.

Some of the notable services include:

  • TELUS Asset Tracker
  • TELUS HoS (Hours of Service)
  • TELUS Fleet Tracker

TELUS Asset Tracker

A company with a lot of assets that are needed on a daily basis for operations, often hinges on the ability to keep those assets safe and in good condition. The TELUS Asset Tracking service included in the Fleet Complete package is an excellent way to do just that.

With the TELUS Asset Tracker, you will have the ability to:

  • Keep a direct watch on valuable assets wherever they may be located, this can include:
    • Machinery and equipment
    • Packages and cargo
    • Trailers and mobile buildings
  • Implement a battery-powered asset tracking device for any asset that can last for up to 3 years from only a single charge
  • Get updates and alerts anytime one of your assets is moved

The TELUS Asset tracker can really help cut down on lost and stolen items. It can also provide updates on the status of shipped cargo. For instance, if the temperature inside a cargo container is important, the asset tracker can keep tabs on that as well.

TELUS HoS (Hours of Service)

This component of the Fleet Complete package focuses on employees and workers. Employee actions and operations are crucial to the success of any business. TELUS HoS can help maximize worker productivity, while minimizing unnecessary expenses and risks.

Some notable elements of the TELUS HoS service are:

  • All employee hours are logged and tracked electronically to calculate efficiency and total available driving time for that particular employee
  • Readily available Vehicle Inspection reports for any roadside stops a driver may encounter
  • A system to conform to ELD (Electronic Logging Device) regulations for any trips to the USA

Unauthorized employee decisions and actions can account for substantial losses for a small business. The TELUS HoS application helps prevent employees from abusing breaks and personal time.

It also helps increase driver safety, and to make sure the most appropriate person is assigned to every customer request.

TELUS Fleet Tracker

TELUS Fleet Tracker is the best and most comprehensive vehicle tracking platform available on the market. The Fleet Tracker will result in better response times for customers and more effective dispatching to enhance customer satisfaction.

Some integral features of the TELUS Fleet Complete application are:

  • Tracking real time location for all vehicles
  • Monitor vehicle status and health
  • Track driving patterns to increase safety and optimize efficiency
  • Maintain connectivity with drivers in remote areas
  • Reduce repair costs and vehicle expense

With continual monitoring for all vehicles and their drivers, business owners can cut down on their costs considerably. Knowing the health of each vehicle makes it easy to schedule timely maintenance and avoid massive repair bills.

Tracking driver behaviors like speed, and abrupt starts and stops, can also make a difference to fuel economy and vehicle wear are tear.

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