Businesses with fleets of multiple vehicles are looking better ways to manage their valuable assets more efficiently and securely. When looking into implementing fleet tracking software to improve business operations, many owners are focused mainly on cost.

Cost is absolutely a crucial factor for any new process or service applied to your business, as it will ultimately affect the bottom line. Minimizing expenses plays a huge role in the success of any business. TELUS Fleet Management software is extremely effective for reducing operating expenses and offers a rewarding Return on Investment (ROI). Not only that, it significantly enhances safety for your vehicles and drivers.

TELUS Fleet Tracker is Cost-Effective

Let’s examine the financial aspects of the TELUS Fleet Complete platform first, as they are often of chief concern for any company. The initial costs for incorporating fleet management software into your daily operations will be offset by the tremendous cost saving benefits the service provides.

A few of the ways TELUS Fleet Management can help reduce expenses, are:

  • Cut fuel costs
  • Put an end to bad driving habits
  • Reduce repairs and replacements
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Minimize wasted employee hours

Cut Fuel Costs

Providing fuel for all your company vehicles is just part of the cost of doing business right? Well, it may surprise you to learn just how much fuel is typically wasted due to erratic and irresponsible driving behaviors.

Bad Driving Habits

Poor driving habits are one of the most common ways to needlessly inflate your operating expenses. Here are some frequent driving behaviors that can senselessly balloon your costs:

  • Speeding
  • Tires
  • Idling
  • Starts and stops
  • Careless driving


Speeding is one of the greatest fuel wasters of any practice drivers can engage in. Not only does excessive speed consume more gas, it also increases the chance of costly speeding tickets, demerit points, and getting into an accident.


Tires also play a role in vehicle expense. First off, tires should always be evenly inflated to the recommended pressure to reduce friction, and maximize fuel economy. Sharp turns, uneven inflation, and tires that are not regularly rotated can cause uneven wear and the premature need for replacement.


Excessive idling is another serious fuel waster.

Starts and Stops

Rapid acceleration and abrupt stops are hard on the brakes, engine, and other components, and also increase fuel consumption.

Careless Driving

Drivers not focused on the road and the job at hand can cause your business considerable expense as well as bad press.

Reduce Repairs and Replacements

All vehicle owners should be aware of the massive benefits of routine maintenance. Poorly maintained vehicles can result in hefty repair bills and the need to replace the vehicle before its time. TELUS Fleet Tracker collects data on the status of your vehicles to ensure routine maintenance is carried out before serious problems emerge.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Most vehicle insurance providers are believers in the benefits of fleet management systems and offer a reduced monthly insurance premium simply for having a GPS tracking device installed in a vehicle.

Minimize Wasted Employee Hours

TELUS Fleet Management helps with optimizing routes and tracking driver hours to ensure the best route is being taken, and no unauthorized breaks or personal time is being taken on the company dime.

TELUS Fleet Tracker Enhances Safety

Along with amazing cost saving benefits, TELUS Fleet Management can also improve safety for your employees and the vehicles in their care. Some of the useful security advantages, include:

  • GPS real time tracking
  • Correcting dangerous driving behavior
  • Constant contact with drivers
  • Emergency services deployment
  • Loss and theft

GPS Tracking

TELUS Fleet Tracker employs the use of GPS tracking devices to keep you up to date on where your vehicles are at all times. This is extremely beneficial, not only for knowing all your vehicles are safe, but also for maximizing dispatch efficiency.

Correcting Dangerous Driving Behavior

One of the best ways to reduce accidents and minimize driver risk to cut out unsafe driving habits. Getting your drivers to follow the rules of the road and exercise caution can make a huge difference to driver and vehicle safety. GPS tracking reports will inform you if dangerous driving behaviors are being practiced.

Constant Contact

Each vehicle is equipped with mobile internet services to keep drivers in contact, even in remote locations. This helps provide drivers with important updates about road conditions and allows quick communication if problems arise.

Emergency Services

In the case of an accident, GPS tracking provides excellent security for drivers that may be injured. If a driver is hurt or unconscious, dispatch can ensure emergency services are quickly deployed to the scene. GPS data can also help shed some light on the details of the accident, helping to determine liability.

Loss and Theft

GPS devices can be configured to send alerts for unauthorized use of any vehicles or assets to prevent loss or theft. If a vehicle is stolen, real time GPS tracking makes it easy to locate.

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