Businesses with multiple vehicles or other valuable assets require an efficient and effective means of safeguarding those items against loss, damage, and theft. TELUS Fleet Complete offers a comprehensive system to manage all your important assets through one convenient and intuitive platform.

How can TELUS Fleet Complete benefit your business?

There are a multitude of features and services that contribute to more streamlined, safe, and productive business operations. Some of the greatest advantages include:

  • Time saver
  • Route optimization
  • Staff monitoring
  • Financial management
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Lower insurance cost
  • Real time tracking

Time Saver

When it comes to transportation, saving time often results in saving money and boosting customer satisfaction. The ability to know where all vehicles and on-duty employees are at all times helps improve dispatch efficiency, ensuring the best worker and vehicle is selected for each task.

Route Optimization

Traffic jams, accidents, and construction can result in delayed deliveries and missed deadlines. TELUS Fleet Complete allows users to choose the best route available to avoid downtime and cut unnecessary fuel expenses.

Staff Monitoring

Monitoring employee tasks not only provides an efficient means for hour-logging, but it also helps ensure workers stay on task. This system helps prevent employees from running personal errands on company time and taking unauthorized or extended breaks.

Financial Management

TELUS Fleet Complete compiles all kinds of useful data regarding vehicle performance and task efficiency. This is very helpful for analyzing metrics, optimizing productivity, and assessing profit and loss data for budget management.

Reduced Maintenance

The Fleet Complete system monitors all critical vehicle data to keep track of scheduled maintenance to ensure all vehicles are running in top order. Routine maintenance helps prevent costly repairs and replacements while preserving value and performance.

Lower Insurance Costs

Most insurance companies recognize the value of Fleet Tracking systems and offer a discount on monthly insurance premiums just for having a GPS tracker installed.

Real Time Tracking

Keeping a close eye on your vehicles and assets are at all times can help reduce stress and provide peace of mind for business owners. Lost or stolen vehicles can be quickly recovered, and notifications and alerts can be set when a vehicle travels outside an authorized zone or is used at an unauthorized time.

TELUS Fleet Complete Features

There is a wide range of useful features and functions provided with the Fleet Complete GPS tracking system. Some of the most commonly used features are:

  • TELUS Fleet Tracker
  • TELUS Asset Tracker
  • TELUS HoS (Hours of Service) Tracker

TELUS Fleet Tracker

Keeping track of all your company vehicles has never been easier or more thorough than with the Fleet Complete system. Expect increased customer satisfaction by delivering quicker response times and accurate timelines.

Some of the beneficial perks of the Fleet Tracker include:

  • Continual updates on vehicle health & status
  • Easy for remote workers to stay in contact
  • Driving behaviors and patterns are monitored to optimize efficiency and cost-savings
  • Reduce expenses and repair costs
  • Real time location for all vehicles

TELUS Asset Tracker

Many businesses have an assortment of valuable assets to oversee other than just vehicles. The asset tracker employs a simple system of affixing a GPS tracking device to any item you want secured.

Some of the advantages of Asset Tracking Devices are:

  • Receive instant notifications any time an asset is moved or transported
  • Direct monitoring for a variety of items including:
    • Office trailers or mobile building units
    • Equipment and heavy machinery
    • Cargo and shipped packages
  • The long-lasting battery will continue to function for up to 3 years on a single charge

TELUS HoS (Hours of Service)

Another excellent perk of the Fleet Complete Tracking system is the ability to monitor employees in addition to vehicles and assets. Worker behaviors can play a big role in the amount of expenses being paid out by your business on a monthly basis.

The HoS feature allows for:

  • Automatic logging of all employee hours to minimize disputes and discrepancies
  • Helps determine who is available and best suited for upcoming tasks
  • ELD (Electric Logging Device) compliance for border crossings and inspections

Easy generation of roadside reports required for vehicle inspection

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