Running any business can be a very challenging operation, so practical tools and services that help reduce worry and stress can offer business owners a measure of serenity in a chaotic workforce.

Technological Assistance

Ever-changing advancements in technology can assist business professionals and their teams with staying organized and ensuring required tasks are accomplished. Smartphones are typically the productivity device of choice due to their combination of high functionality and easy portability.

TELUS Smartphones

All the newest smartphones and accessories are always available from TELUS dealers to help boost productivity and efficiency in daily business operations. For example, users have access to the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G series, or the iPhone 11 series, starting at $0 down with a TELUS Peace of Mind business plan.

Is it really possible to attain Peace of Mind in today’s hectic workplace?

With the right mindset, tools, and processes, it is absolutely possible to reach a degree of calm and composure that optimizes results. But, how?

The marketplace is becoming more competitive all the time for businesses of all scopes and sizes. Every companyis looking for an edge that sets them apart from the crowd to make their products or services indispensable to customers.

One way to help achieve a competitive edge is being available to your customers 24/7, and having the right hardware and services to make it happen.

TELUS Peace of Mind Business Plans

TELUS dealers offer several Peace of Mind Plans for Business to suit a variety of needs and requirements.

Standard Peace of Mind plans available include:

  • Peace of Mind 10GB – $75 per month
  • Peace of Mind 20GB – $95 per month
  • Peace of Mind 50GB – $125 per month

Do a lot of traveling for business between Canada and the US? There are plans available for that to eliminate roaming issues across the border.

Discounted Peace of Mind Business Plans

Does yourcompany currently use or have a need for 10 or more smartphones for employees? If so, Peace of Mind Plans offers an even better deal to help save money while getting top of the line smartphone service.

With 10 or more smartphones in operation, each user will receive at a $10 or more discount every month. Discounted Peace of Mind plans offer users:

  • 10GB – $65 per user per month
  • 15GB – $75 per user per month
  • 20GB – $80 per user per month

These discounts add up to a cost savings of more than $1200 a year for 10 smartphone plans, and works out toover $2400 for 2 year plans.

Bring it Back Program

Looking to upgrade your current smartphones? The TELUS bring it back program offers a system to allow users to exchange their existing devices for a considerable discount on higher-tier smartphones. This is where users can take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G or iPhone 11, starting as low as $0 up front.

Business Benefits of TELUS Peace of Mind Plans

There are many advantages for businesses looking to make the switch to TELUS Peace of Mind service plans. Some great benefits include:

  • Endless data buckets
  • No roaming issues
  • Cost savings for more users
  • No surprises

Endless Data Buckets

Never worry about overage fees with endless data buckets for every Peace of Mind plan. Once you have reached your monthly data limit, the service simply switches over from the high speed level of your plan to 512 kbps, until it resets at the start of the next month.

No Roaming Issues

TELUS Easy Roam allows you to operate in more 190 international destinations with no roaming complications.

Cost Savings for More Users

The more users you add to your Peace of Mind plan, the more cost savings you will enjoy. As the need for more users increases, businesses can save up to $20 a month per user depending on scale.

No Surprises

One of the greatest ways these plans offer Peace of Mind is that there are never any hidden fees or surprise charges.

TELUS PV Cellular

In short, these plans can help a wide range of businesses achieve Peace of Mind in their daily operations.

For more information or help implementing a Peace of Mind business plan, please contact PV Cellular for more assistance.


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