Smartphones have become an indispensable tool for a wide range of business practices, from improving efficiency, to exceptional functionality to achieve the desired results. Feature rich smartphones are an excellent time-saver, providing better organizational techniques and the ability to get things done from virtually any location.

A fast and reliable smartphone is extremely useful for business professionals, managers, owners, and entrepreneurs. Staying connected on the go helps boost productivity and means that you never miss an important update or notification. Plus, all the productivity apps available for improving business operations make smartphones an incredibly powerful resource for research, content creation, presentations, and email management.

For business professionals looking to get the most they can from a smartphone, there are few comparable options to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+. These devices have made significant advancements in technology to provide users with more functionality and opportunity than ever before.

Best Features for Business with Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 10+

There are a wide range of features that arguably make Samsung Note 10 series the number 1 choice for overall business operations.

Some of the greatest features, may include:

  • Battery life and charging capacity
  • Link to Windows
  • DeX for PC
  • S Pen and note functions
  • File and Email management

Battery Life & Charging Capacity

Many people run the majority of their business operations through mobile devices. a long battery life is required to prevent downtime and running out of power at the worst possible moments.  In a lot of cases, business professionals are constantly on the go and don’t have time for recharging oraccess to outlets. A smartphone with a weak battery is just not going to cut it.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ have vastly improved battery longevity and phone charging options. The Samsung Note 10 has upgraded to a 3500 mAh battery, and the Note 10 + to a 4300 mAh battery for all day usage without the worry of running out of juice. Charging power has also been enhanced, with a super speedy 25 W charger that provides a full charge in about an hour, with long lasting benefits so you spend less time limited by a cord.

Link to Windows

The partnering with Microsoft has opened up some very impressive features for Samsung Galaxy Note business users. The Link to Windows option allows users to pair their Samsung Note 10 device with a Windows 10 PC.  This is a fantastic feature for boosted productivity, allowing you to access text messages, images, notifications, and other useful phone functions directly from your PC.

DeX for PC

While the Link to Windows feature allows you to access phone functions on your PC, DeX for PC provides the reverse capability. The Samsung DeX platform was designed to provide users with desktop like utility from their Samsung Galaxy devices. You can even attach your phone directly to a monitor with no additional hardware or docking station needed.

It is as simple as connecting your Note 10 to a PC with a USB cable, and all the content being generated stays on your phone. This is ideal for working in hotels, conference rooms, or any other computer you want to use, while all the information gets stored on your phone. DeX provides the power to easily share content, images, and large files between the two devices. Remote workers can freely move from location to location, simply connecting their Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or 10+ to available PCs.

S Pen and Note Taking

The S Pen is an extremely versatile feature that encourages creativity and provides many useful business functions. One of the best features of the S Pen is the note taking functionality. Notes can be written anywhere on the device and get automatically saved once the S Pen is returned to its holster. This is ideal for taking notes on the fly, with the ability to annotate over documents, images, and even video.

The S Pen also offers a variety of air actions to control your phone remotely the S Pen, which is great for presentations, volume control, and remote camera zooming.

File and Email Management

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and 10 offer exceptional functionality for consolidating email and file management. The ability to easily connect to any PC is ideal for centralizing important emails, messages, notifications, and files.

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