One of the most focused areas of improvement for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, is gaming capability.

Samsung Galaxy S10 devices have an advantage over the competition in that they have been enhanced for gaming in a way that is the first of its kind.

With new methods to prevent overheating and an increased focus on Unity support, Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones are perfect for downloading and playing game apps.

What is Unity?

Unity is the leading multi-platform game development tool that is used to create video games for desktops, laptops, video consoles, web plugins, and mobile devices.

Unity is the preeminent platform when it comes to mobile game development. It can be used to create high quality 2D and 3D game apps.

Samsung Galaxy S10 with Unity Support

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the first smartphone that has been specifically enhanced to support games apps run on the Unity platform.

In fact, the entire Samsung Galaxy S10 suite, including the Samsung Galaxy S10 + and the Samsung Galaxy S10e, have been fitted with an optimized GPU for game apps.

This makes the Samsung S10’s gameplay smoother, with more impressive performance through the use of A.I.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Enhanced Display

There are two specific features, Dolby enhanced game mode and the Infinity O display, that provide better video graphics and sound than ever before.

The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 +, and S10e are all HDR10 + certified, which means more vivid colors and contrasts.

Improved Cooling System

Not all the smartphones in the Galaxy S10 series use the same approach to cooling, but each phone offers better cooling for improved performance.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 +

These two Samsung smartphones use an advanced heatpipe approach to provide precise temperature control.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

This phone uses a different cooling method, much like the cooling system used for the Xbox 1X. This vapor chamber cooling system provides effective temperature control for robust devices without taking up too much space.

Storage and RAM

All smartphones in the Samsung S10 suite offer excellent storage and working memory. You can get 8 – 12 GB of RAM, and 128 GB – 1 TB internal storage.

TELUS Smartphones

All three smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy S10 Suite, the S10, the S10 +, and the S10e are available with TELUS.

Best Game Apps for Samsung Galaxy

There are thousands of game apps to choose from to download to your Samsung Galaxy device.

Some of the best android game apps in 2019, include:

  • Monument Valley
  • Clash Royale
  • Pako
  • Skate Lines
  • Angry Birds 2

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is an impressive game app built with the Unity platform. This puzzle game has received many awards and positive reviews for its incredible architectural graphics and inconceivable geometry.

The objective of the game is to guide princess Ida through mazes, solving puzzles and unlocking hidden passages, while avoiding the crow people.

Clash Royale

This multi-player battle game, from the creators of Clash of Clans, is a very popular online game app that requires an internet connection to battle against others.

You can use your clash character to collect cards that may later be used to access locked areas, cast spells, and provide defenses.

Clash Royale can be played solo, or as part of a clan to defeat your enemies by knocking them out of their towers.


This original game app, created by Tree Men Games, was also developed on the Unity platform.

Known for its awesome graphics, this care chase simulator game is a break from the norm. The whole idea of this game is to get away from the cops without getting accident by avoiding various obstacles.

Pako is a simple game app that is easy to use and free to download on your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Skate Lines

If you are a skateboarding fan, then Skate Lines is an excellent game app to download to your android device.

Skate Lines was designed by skaters for skaters, featuring tons of new tricks including grinds, slides, and blunts.

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds is back with new features and improved graphics. The basic mechanics have not changed, however. The goal is still to fling birds at enemy pig towers to protect the eggs.

Angry Birds 2 is free for download with new daily rewards.

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