The manner in which business professionals conduct their daily operations are constantly changing, due to major advancements in technology, and the ever-changing work environment. Now more than ever, people are looking for an efficient and effective means of getting things done on the go, to minimize downtime and wasted hours of potential productivity.

The tablet offers a perfect solution for the mobile business professional, with the portability of a mobile device and the power and functionality of a personal computer. The iPad Air 10.5 is an ideal device to use for daily business operations due to its sleek, ultra-thin, light weight design and versatile functionality. Apple iPads in general have seen a substantial increase in usage in the workplace, as a means to boost productivity and get an edge on the competition.

Business owners and managers report the impact of implementing iPads in everyday business activity, saying these devices help create a faster, smarter, and more productive work environment. It is also a fantastic option for remote or mobile workers and entrepreneurs, who are not typically constrained by the 9 to 5 work day, or spending long hours at a desk.

Impressive Business Benefits of the Apple iPad Air 10.5

There are several features and functions that make the iPad Air 10.5 an excellent choice for offices, and the business professional.

Some of the greatest features, include:

  • Stay mobile
  • Gather customer data
  • Paperless workplace
  • Accessory rich options
  • Productivity apps
  • Presentations
  • Increased productivity and performance

Stay Mobile

Perhaps the greatest feature of the iPad Air 10.5 is the ability to perform a variety of tasks from virtually any location. This means that productivity doesn’t have to be sacrificed because you need to go somewhere. iPad devices can easily be used to access work computer desktops remotely. Remote desktop is a free iOS app for installation on your iPad device.

Plus, online services like Google drive and Microsoft one drive allow you to load up files and access them anywhere you need them, all that is required is an internet connection.

Gather Customer Information

With all the notetaking capabilities of the iPad Air 10.5. it makes it easy to collect useful client data during the point of interaction. Rather than having to remember key points, and make note of them after a meeting, it can all be done immediately. This helps businesses gain more knowledge about their customers to make smarter decisions, and provide a more personalized customer service.

Paperless Workplace

In addition to the benefit of gathering data on customers, the iPad Air also makes it easy to share information, without having to lug around documents, brochures, and other paper files.The iPad Air 10.5 is very effective method for paperless transactions as well, with several options for sending and receiving payments.

Creating a paperless work environment is also a good way to cut overall business expenses, and to operate and portray a more environmentally responsible company and brand.

Accessory Rich Options

There are many accessories compatible with the iPad Air 10.5 that are beneficial for business. For example, if you create a lot of written content, attachable keyboards like the Logitech Slim Combo, can be a great boost to productivity, also providing a protective cover for the device.

Stylus pens are also an excellent option for improved touchpoint technology. The S pen is incredibly useful for taking quick notes on your device during business meetings.

If you are travelling with iPad Air 10.5 frequently, you may want to consider a protective case for your device, with a variety of options to choose from.

Productivity Apps

There are a diverse range of productivity apps ready for download to your iPad Air 10.5. Of course, the Google and Microsoft suite apps are very useful for a wide array of business operations. There are also calendar and time management apps to help you stay on task, and a host of collaborative apps for group projects.


There is no longer a need to carry around a laptop for presentations on the go, when the iPad Air can provide the same functionality at a fraction of the size and weight. Presentations can be made and delivered with Apple Keynote.

Increased Productivity and Performance

All these amazing perks and benefits lead to greater daily productivity and enhanced performance, whether you are a business owner, manager, employee, professional, or entrepreneur.

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