At Pembina Valley Cellular, we are all about the customer experience in everything we do. We are a branch of Computer Remedies in Morden and we opened a new location in Winkler. In the last year, our business has experienced a wonderful change, becoming a TELUS dealer has expanded our horizons, and also making it easier to give you better service.

About Pembina Valley Cellular

Why should you make the switch to TELUS?

When you choose TELUS, you get the latest and greatest devices, clear and simple pricing and an exceptional client experience.

Working with state of the art technology is important.

We use the latest in technology to build networks, increase speeds and expand our coverage. TELUS network helps you get the most performance out of your latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPads.

We give where we live

TELUS supports local communities and charities across the country.

Being green

We’re committed to being an environmental leader and strive to continuously improve our approach.

We are happy to chat and figure out the best solutions for your personal and business wireless needs. Come visit us at one of our three locations nearest to you!

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